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"Show Quality" Auto Detailing

Pottstown Mercury Reader's Choice
Award for Auto Detailing

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We perform expert Automotive Detailing on a wide range of vehicles in all types of conditions. We use Meguiar's waxes and polishes to help your vehicle look its best. Regular detailing of your vehicle helps maintain the condition of it and can also help its resale value. A full detail starts at $159.95, but prices vary due to size and condition of vehicle.

You can trust us to detail your daily driver or your prized show car to your satisfaction. Please call to make to make an appointment and discuss individual needs for your vehicle.

Here are some of the detailing services we offer:

  Express Detail: CLICK HERE
  1. Full Service Wash
  2. Vacuum Interior & Trunk
  3. Clean and Brighten Wheels
  4. Apply Dressing to Tires
  5. Clean Glass

  Exterior Detail: CLICK HERE
  1. Full Service Wash
  2. Clean and Brighten Wheels
  3. Apply Wax to Protect and Enhance Paint Gloss
  4. Apply Dressing to Tires and Molding
  5. Clean Glass

  Interior Detail: CLICK HERE
  1. Full Service Vacuum
  2. Shampoo Carpets and Floor Mats
  3. Clean and Apply Protectant to all Vinyl Surfaces
  4. Clean and Condition all Leather Surfaces
  5. Clean Glass
  6. Clean and Vacuum Trunk

  Full Detail: CLICK HERE
  1. Exterior Detail
  2. Interior Detail

  Engine Detail: CLICK HERE
  1. Cover Key Electrical Components
  2. Spray Degreaser and Agitate Any Stubborn Areas with a Brush
  3. Pressure Wash Entire Engine Compartment
  4. Apply Dressing

  Paint Reconditioning Services: CLICK HERE
  1. Remove Bonded Surface Contaminants from Paint with Detailing Clay
  2. Machine Clean and Polish Paint to Maximize Paint Gloss using Meguiar's Buffing Pads, Cleaners, and Polishes

Other Services Available Upon Request

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